what type of security camera can be Hidden and undetectable

by Carolyn
(Greenville, SC, USA)


Can you tell me what type of security camera can be hidden and undetected by a camera detector?

It has no infrared light, but has night vision.

Where would such camera be hidden?

Is it wired or battery powered?


Thank you for the question.

First I personally and not directly familiar with camera detectors. I am sure that they exist but they are not something that is easy to come by.

There is always someone who will come out with something to beat the system. As of right now there is at least no retail type security camera that I am aware of that can be undetectable.

Of course there are small covert cameras that can be hidden easily.

If you need night vision Infrared is usually the best way to go. If that is not available you can use a Night Vision technology that is referred to as "SensUp" or "Intensifier". It basically takes whatever small amount of existing light there is and amplifies it so that you can see what is going on. You do loose a lot of motion and details but it can be effective.

Watch my video demonstration on Intensifier Security Cameras Video.

Where you would hide such a camera is any place you possibly can. Obviously you need to put it where it has a view of the scene that you want to capture. Cameras can be placed inside of objects that look like normal objects such as clock radios, stuffed animals, hollowed out books and more.

There are a number of battery powered cameras out there. Most would not accomplish the night vision you are looking for. You would need to provide power and video cabling to the camera in order to accomplish your task.

Again I an not sure of specific camera that would meet all your needs. If you can provide some more detail in the comments perhaps we can find something that will suite you.

It would be great to know the view you are wanting to see, what type of building it is in, what access do you have to the area, what power and cabling options you have, what type of data are you trying to collect, etc.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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