What is the best brand of CCTV security camera system for multi location truck stops?

by jimmy c tomebsky
(chicago, il)


Hi - what is the best hi-end brand cctv system for a large truck stop chain - 50 locations in 20 states - central command center required.


Hi Jimmy,

I have worked with a number of different providers for multi locations like you are looking for. The best I have found hands down is 3xLogic.

Give Brian Davis a call over there and he can help you get set up with everything you need and provide you with a demonstration as well.

They have done many multi location gas stations, c-stores and truck stops in the US and Canada.


Let me know how it turns out.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Aug 23, 2010
by: Brian Davis

I would be happy to talk with you about all of your needs. We have lot of experience in multi-location projects. Our specialty is MegaPixel IP cameras, POS exception based reporting, Retail Analytics.

3xLOGIC has been developing the Vigil product line for over eleven years and is deployed in over 40,000 locations across the world.

As a manufacture we deal in multiple vertical markets. We have focused our efforts in retail, financial, transpiration, healthcare and casino markets. A few recent clients you might recognize are Best Buy, Domino?s Pizza, CiCi?s Pizza, Greyhound Bus Lines, IKEA, Shell Petroleum, Stripes, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, London Drug, St Johns Hospital, and many others.

Our products have been selected by many companies because of the ease of use, flexibility of the features and the ability to grow each system with our customers. We set ourselves apart from our competitors when it comes to High Definition video cameras, the ability to re-compress in our own AZTEC compression. This allows us to compress the video up to 90% of the original size without losing video integrity. Giving you the ability to store video longer with less hard drive space, plus using less bandwidth to transmit the video to your remote locations.

· Flexible totally hybrid DVR/NVR recorders (analog, IP, Megapixel) ALL Channels.

· Exception reporting ? Database, POS or ATM integration capabilities. Create reports to send reports to anyone you want and flag the exception based on parameters you want.

· Centralized Management (Software Updates, Health Monitoring, User access control, over entire enterprise).

· Video analytics, people counting, occupancy counting, loitering alarms, etc.

· Modular systems, giving you a system to grow from one camera to more than 6999.

· Audio (1 or 2 way audio over all channels), use to hear customer interaction and training

· Virtual Software Matrix Switch (touch screen integration) for on site, as well as client applications

· Independently tested IT Governance including PCI, HIPAA and SOX. Will provide testing and results upon request.

· Searching made easy. Smart Search, Save custom searches like opening and closings.

· Back up to CD, DVD, USB, External Hard Drive, Internal Hard Drive, and Network Drive.

· No monthly or yearly reoccurring software fees.

· Help Menu, can be tailored for you processes. How to back up a file. Search POS interface. Etc?

I would enjoy discussing your job in more detail.

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