What is shutter in security cameras

by Munnu


Hi Mr.Peter,

Could you please tell me what is the actual definition of Shutter before going to Electronic Shutter. I know that it is basically for the stability of Video Images but what exactly is shutter.



On cameras today that use CCD's to capture the images the CCD itself acts as a shutter.

So it is electronic. The CCD receives the image and then processes the image and then starts over. That speed can usually be adjusted.

The standard is 30 frames per second. But for Security cameras you can typically do much less and still capture what you need.

Most of the time the lighting and quality of the image is adjusted by the iris. Most security cameras use an auto iris to control lighting, etc. In some cases you can change the setting and allow this to be controlled by the CCD itself which is sometimes referred to as Electronic Shuttering.

If you are outdoors this will probably not work very well but in some cases when indoors you can get a better result.

It is almost always better just use the Auto Iris on the camera to manage the lighting etc.

You really don't have to worry about the shutter aspect of a security camera.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Jan 15, 2012
Electronic shutter
by: Michail

Electronic Shutter is an internal camera circuit which controls exposure time of the camera in dependence of illumination. During the exposure time the camera collects light.

The more illumination is the less the exposure time. Thus the same image contrast is maintained.

The exposure time is named also "Shutter speed". It is measured in milliseconds or 1/seconds not in fps!

Auto Iris lens is needed for outdoor Black and White cameras only. Color cameras has enough shutter speed range for any outdoor level of illumination

We offer special CCTV design software, which can model and measure shutter speed and many other camera parameters. http://www.cctvcad.com

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