What is Recording Frame PAL 25fps

by Atul Takle
(Mumbai, India)


What is Recording Frame PAL: 25fps


Great question. I will explain some background and will try to keep from getting to technical on this.

In the world of video and in particular broadcast video there have been two primary formats that have been in use for the last 50 years. They have been basically broken up between a US standard and a European standard.

Those two are PAL and NTSC.

PAL: Phase Alternating Line. PAL works with 25 frames per second. If video is recorded in PAL in must be played back in PAL.

As an example if a DVD movie is formated as PAL it muse be used in a DVD player that is a PAL player. The fundamental difference is in the electronics.

NTSC: National Television Systems Committee.
NTSC has been the North American standard and it works with 30 frames per second. That is one of the key reasons that the two formats are not compatible with one another. (there are other factors as well)

It is also important to not that as far as broadcast standards go these formats are changing because of the lower resolution limitations they have. New broadcast standards have been developed in order to accommodate High Definition TV standards.

Hope that helps.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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