Wide Dynamic Range WDR

A camera with wide dynamic range WDR is able to operate in variable light conditions (known as lux levels), especially in high contrast situations. A “dB” is typicially the unit used to measure the dynamic range of security cameras, with higher dB being better. A camera with a 60 dB dynamic range would do a good job of clearly recording a scene with low or high light levels however most security cameras are not rated at that high of a level.

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Wide Dynamic Range is a key security camera specification especially when it reaches greater than 100dB. In the past it has been assumed that WDR is for backlight compensation only. In reality it can handle many different difficult lighting situations.

WDR gives the camera the ability to capture shadow and highlight detail at the same time without artifacts. It is measured by “deep black” and crisp white while retaining image detail. It is also measured by subtlety of gradations. Pixim-powered cameras are the only cameras with >100dB.

Most CCD sensors are rated at a max of 48dB with a 256:1 SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). Pixim WDR cameras are greater than 100dB with a 128,000:1 SNR.

Also see CCD, CMOS and SNR.

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