Viewing security cameras video via a PC system not connected to the internet

by Ben


Just read your answer to the question on viewing a security camera video that works through a DVR on the Internet. My 8 camera system goes through, and is recorded on a PC computer, which is NOT hooked up to the Internet. I do have a router for my 2 Macintosh computers, for the Internet, and it works through a Macintosh ISP.
But, with an additional PC set-up, is there any way to view my security camera videos on the Internet without having another monthly expense from another Internet Service Provider for the PC?



I don't know that much about mac's and their ISP so I am not exactly sure what you have going on in your situation.

What I would say is that your PC needs to be on a network and have an IP address assigned to it. That IP address must be able to be reached via the internet to connect to it.

I would see if you can share your mac ISP with your PC so that you can access it remotely.

You will still need to address the port forwarding issue like I talk about in Hot to view video security camera dvr via the internet.

Start with some research on your MAC ISP and its ability to connect to your PC for internet sharing and port forwarding. MAC has some awesome support so I am sure they can tell you if it is possible and what it would take to do it if it is.

Sorry I couldn't be more help on this one.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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