video loss message on security camera system



I have attached the clip, one of my camera lately is giving problem, I can sometimes see clearly but at times, the picture is fading and blinking and sometimes it gone off completely the the Vision Loss words appear.

This camera is quite new, less then one year.

I am wondering if it the electrical problem if that is why the others camera is okay. I notice the infra red lights on the camera also goes off and on like as though the elec supply is disrupted.


Based on what you are saying about the IR going of and on it would sound like an electrical power issue.

The power supply you are using while it may have the correct amount of voltage does not have enough wattage to maintain the amount of power that the cameras are drawing. Typically a IR camera will draw around 1000 watts when the IR array is activated.

I have more information about power options on CCTV Power Supply Options


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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