tv has vertical scroll with new security cameras system

by Jennifer


We just hooked up our new 4 camera security system, the tv now has a vertical scroll. It did not do this with our previous system, we borrowed a monitor to check to see if it is the system or the tv, the monitor seems to be fine with it, no scroll. Is there a way to adjust the tv so it doesnt scroll? We would prefer not to have to purchase another monitor if possible.


There could be several factors and I am sure you are trying a variety of options.

If you have an older TV that is not an HDTV there could possibly be some vertical scroll options with it.

The issue could also be that your new system is set up for PAL video instead of NTSC. These are two different video formats. The US and Canada use NTSC. It is possible that your new system could be set at a default of PAL. Many systems have the ability to switch between the two. I would check that out.

It doesn't sound like your coming directly from the camera to the TV so there would not be a conflict in a security camera setting. Sometimes you can adjust the synch out on the camera to adjust for vertical scrolling.

Another option might be to find a VGA to RCA video connector. Then you can connect from the VGA cable from the DVR to that and then to your TV and it could possibly eliminate any kind of scroll issues.

Those are the things I would try.

Worst case is you just have to get a new monitor.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert
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