Starting my own security camera company in Los Angeles


My name Horacio, I was wondering if you can give me some good advice on starting a security camera company in Los Angeles, California. I have worked as network engineer and I am familiar a little with installing security cameras. However, i need to know if i need to get a license to install security cameras and how much it would cost to start my own security camera business. Is there any good websites or books you would recommend to me that would guide me in the right direction in opening a successful security camera company.

Thank You.

Hi Horacio,

Each state has different requirements. Typically Low Voltage Contractors (which is what video security companies are) are not typically required to get any kind of a license.

However if your are pulling cable there are requirements for type of cable and the space where the cables are being pulled as well as the quality of the installation. That varies by municipality and county and is influenced by the Electrical wiring codes. (It's not an exact science.)

The main issue when pulling cable is that it is done cleanly and professionally. Most of the cable manufacturers provide training on how to run cable properly.

I would recommend that since you are a network engineer you look at working with IP security cameras exclusively. There is a company I am working with that has some great technology that makes it easy for someone like you to get started.

You can learn more by going to Easy Cloud IP Security Cameras.

The advantage of these cameras is that the storage
is all on board the cameras and they are all accessed via "the cloud." All you need is a internet access and you can access all your cameras in a single user interface no matter where they are located. This is ideal for a business that has many locations and only needs 1 or 2 cameras at each location. Think Shopping Mall Kiosks, etc.

Having the networking knowledge will be a great advantage for you.

Your costs may be some initial supply of products for samples. Other than that if you sell a job you can ask for 50% of the cost up front to purchase the cameras and cable if needed and then collect the balance when the job is done. Then you don't have to front any of your own money to buy the supplies and then wait to get paid.

I would recommend that you have at least a basic contract on what you will do and when the customer will pay, etc. Then if you run into any problems with payment you have something you can go to small claims court with to try to collect.

The main thing you need to know about starting a business is that it will fail or succeed primarily based on Sales and Marketing.

Make sure you build your offer and have a tone of value to your customers so that you become the obvious choice. There are many companies out there so you need to think and strategize on how you will be different from everyone else so that you stand out.

Hope that helps you out. Good luck!

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Jul 19, 2012
thank you
by: casper

i plan on starting my own security camera business and all the questions i could ask were here, except for a few lol. thank you for encouraging us as entrepreneurs to pursue what we dream. i dont know how old this webpage is, but im glad it exists, thanks

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