Signet 4 channel H.264 kit purchased from Jaycar

by steve dann
(south australia)


goodday guys I have recently installed a Signet 4 channel H.264 kit purchased from Jaycar .Daytime it is great for my house and backyard but when 1st installed night was great vision but over the last few weeks 3 out of 4 cameras become cloudy at night ,2of the cameras have normal 18m cables and 1 has a 10m extension the only 1 working properly at night also has a 10m extension in it. do you have any ideas as to why .I did ring jaycar but getting somebody with knowledge is very hard

thanks steve


It is really hard to say for sure what is happening there. If they all worked fine before but now they are not?

I would try some troubleshooting by taking all the cameras off line and testing them one at a time to see if you can tell a difference.

It could also be that some moisture has gotten into the cameras as well so I would check for that.

I would test all your cables as well. Again just go through several steps to see if you can narrow down or eliminate the problems.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Sep 11, 2012
this may help
by: scott

hi make sure your camera setting are set at defaults
the reason is if you have had a play with the hue ,brightness, contrast settings .
this wll affected night vision & also clean the lense's
as spider's and dust or even smog will blur the vision of your camera
also look at night time at your camera's & check if the led's are on they must be on to work @ night & when installed they must be in front of any outside light's not behind as will affect the recording sensor & the vision is very poor when these lights are on
hope this helps

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