security cameras damaged by lasers

by tanya


Lasers do damage to security cameras-
my neighbor has been lasering ours for a month and i notice the burning effect on the film
can take him to court for damages?


I am not sure how you get a burning effect on the film? I thought all security cameras even the old analog ones went to a DVR that has a hard drive. Unless of course that is what you meant.

I am sorry this guy is doing this to you. That is definitely not a cool thing.

I had to do a little research on this one. I have not had that many situations where someone was having their cameras disabled.

I found a site that was kind of funny. It was all about the destruction of the security cameras.

Here is what they listed as their top ways of destroying security cameras.

  • Plastic bag filled with glue. (or if you can reach it to put the bag on the camera then just bust it)

  • Sticker and tape placed over lens.

  • Paint gun us water pistol toy filled with household paint.

  • Laser pointer.

  • Cable cutting.

  • Block (or other heavy object) dropped from above the camera.

To get to the answer to your question. You can take anyone to court that you feel has wronged you in some way. The challenge for you will be catching them in the act. You will need more security cameras or you will need to take a regular camcorder and try to catch them in the act.

If you catch them in the act with verifiable proof you can then easily get the local authorities involved and file a civil law suite against them.

Wish I had more to help you with on this one. This guy needs a little attitude adjustment.

Peter Brissette

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Aug 12, 2013
green laser in my camera
by: Anonymous

I got them in the act but now dvr wont record but it shows that its recording but it don't night vision is no good but okay during the day can that laser make a malfunction in the recording these people stould there for 10 mins min with green and red lasers and white flash from a camera.


Would not impact the recorder itself. That would be a seperate issue.

Nov 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

If a burglar or person with mal intent uses a jammer to jam the security camera live feeds. Does the jammer only disable the one camera its pointed at or does it disable all cameras connected to the system? Also, for how long do the security cameras stay jammed? We have been experiencing hazziness and blurriness on our security cameras for up to 3 hours at a time. One more question, if the live security feed is been jammed does the whole image become hazy or only parts of the feed? Our feeds, sometimes only seem to show blurriness on the person but yet we can make out the side of the house etc just not the person. So, we are not sure if it is a jammer being used or if somehow our system is hacked. The cameras are not hooked up to the internet but the program is installed on our computer which has wi fi and internet. Any advice would GREATLY be appreciated. Thank you.


I am not sure what a "jammer" is. A laser can be used of course and that will only damage the view of whatever camera it is connected to not the entire system.

If your cables run close to any power lines or high voltage wires in your home that could be part of the problem. It could be causing interference. Do you have any high power lights or something that only come on some of the time?

Hope that helps.

Oct 10, 2012
hazy security camera feed
by: Anonymous

Recently our home was burglarized and upon reviewing security camera feeds during the hours that we were away, feeds show up as very hazy and blurry. The only thing slightly visible is the flashlight being used and at times seem to be pointing the security camera. Everytime we leave, we noticed this type of hazziness on the feed. In your opinion, would the flashing of flashlights at the security camera cause the feeds to look this way? Thank you in advance.


Shining a flashlight or other bright lights at security cameras can make the image hazzy and difficult to see.

Cameras in hard to reach angles from lights are a good idea.

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