security camera system with fuzzy night time images


i have just installed cctv and bought my cameras from safetech, they are 420tvl night and day with ir and 2 540tvl for the garden. the gretaest length of the cable is 60-70m. I have 11 cameras in total but only 9 up at the moment due to extention in prgress.

My dvr is a 16ch 2tb which i bought of a reputable seller from ebay. I also bought 305m of rg59 sotgun cable of safekom via ebay. alluminium braid and 75 ohms and inner copper core at.65mm.

My cameras are manual focus 3 times.

The problem im having is the picture seems ok in the day time although not very crisp and at night time its fuzzy with dots except 2 cameras which are only covering around 5m. My dad has 4 cameras installed with serage cameras and his screen is clear. no fuzz dots etc.

Im completely puzzled as to what the problem, cmeras? cable? dvr? connections? The cctv engineer tuc most of my cables in facia boards and used insulation tapes for connectors. I did have junction boxes but he said it makes no difference and the job with neater without them.

Please please help. i need to get to the bottom of this, and my next was going to be take down my cameras and replace thenm with 600-700tvl!!

thanks. i can take a picture from my iphone and email it to so you can see. please give me your email address.


Well if you had someone install this system for you I would be asking them to make sure it actually works correctly.

Outside of that you have to start trouble shooting the system.

That means taking all the cameras off line and working on them one at at time.

I would test each one in day/night and with different cables and connectors so that you can narrow down what the exact problem is.

Part of the problem sounds like it could be a power issues with the cameras not getting enough power.

It will take some work but if you look and test each and every part of the system you will find the problem and be able to fix it.

Hope that helps.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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