Security Camera Specification of an electronic shutter (what is it and why should it specified?)


What is an electronic shutter in a CCTV Security Camera? Why is it important?


Video camera shutters work quite differently from still camera shutters, but the result is basically the same. (The technical difference is that, rather than using a mechanical device, the shutter speed is adjusted by electronically varying the amount of time the CCD is allowed to build a charge.

It is Measured in fractions of a second. A typical setting that you will see is 1/60th. This works in conjunction with the NTSC standard of the camera. 1/60th is 1 half frame per second.
It can be automatically adjusted to help correct for light levels. It is often used when an Auto Iris is not being used and typically works best indoors.

Most decent CCTV Security Cameras will have an electronic shutter control.

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