Question about Samsung SNR 3200 NVR

by john
(Newcastle Upon Tyne)


I have a query regarding a Samsung SNR 3200 NVR. The cameras are set to 10fps and recording is set at 2 I Frames. My client says on playback they are not getting the expected image rate. see his comments below.

If it is recording at 10 frames a second why does playback only show 1 picture every 2 seconds because that is what we are getting on playback therefore vital evidence is being missed, I have just reviewed some footage for today to confirm this is what is happening, i.e. a person walking across the front of a camera is seen moving between 12 to 15metres as each frame advances. Are we operating the system incorrectly in some way, to me this means the system is recording 1 frame every 2 seconds as this is what is being played back unless this system plays back at a different frame rate to which it is recording I cannot explain it.


I haven't done much with adjusting I frames on NVRs but my guess is that is what needs to change.

It sounds like it is only capturing an image every 2 frames and you only have 10fps recording.

I would try to increase the frames per second to a higher amount and see how that affects it.

Then double check the manual on how you set the I Frames and see if adjusting that will get you a normal recording.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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