Analog PTZ Security Cameras

PTZ Security Cameras are one of the most versatile tools in video surveillance. Below are some of the common specifications in our cameras with links to specific models. If you have any questions at all please go to our Contact Us page or give us a call.

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Key Features

  • Video quality on par with other major brands
  • Outdoor housing is custom built to work specifically with our PTZ to handle extreme weather conditions
  • Built in power surge & lightning protection
  • Built in protocols make it easy to integrate into any system
  • Can be controlled via software through DVR or joy stick controllers
  • Automatic Day/Night function
  • Provides excellent color images in lowlight conditions
  • Very sharp black and white images in extremely poor lighting conditions
  • Many preset, auto scan and tour functions
  • Auto Focus - Auto Recognition of Position Compensation
  • Zoom options of 10x to 36x available
  • 10x Digital Zoom
  • Alarm Inputs for automatic camera coverage
  • Many standard features that compete very well with other PTZs
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Indoor PTZs

Outdoor PTZs

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