problem viewing security camera system recordings

by Nancy President of LeClare Shores HOA
(Tampa, FL)


We have 7 security cameras throughout our subdivision. All of our equipment is about 1 year old. I can view all 7 cameras from my laptop at home.

The Problem: When I choose a camera to look at footage from a previous time, I select a timeframe, it downloads, but I cannot view disappears.

This is very frustrating since we bought these cameras to do exactly that.
Hope you can help.


Hi Nancy,

I can probably give you an answer that will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

I can tell you what I think is happening and give you a couple of recommendations.

First of all when you "download" the recordings it is likely copying that information to someplace on your computer. It will usually be a new folder that gets created when you do that process. The manual that came with the DVR should describe this process.

The second thing that is possible is that the downloaded recordings are in a video format that is proprietary to the DVR manufacturer. That basically means you need to use a video player that they provide in order to then view the video. You typically will not be able to view the recorded video in the same way you view the live video for this particular model.

There is also probably with the video player a way to then convert the file format into a windows media player compatible file so that you can play the image on any computer.

It doesn't sound like the recording can be viewed directly on your screen like you would the live video. It just means that your DVR does not have the kind of capability.

Again I would go back to your user manual or get some training from the person who installed your system to find out for sure the best ways to view recorded video.

Most systems these days should have the capability of playback directly from the recording on the DVR. It would surprise me if that is not the case.

You can also always find the manufacturer and they will likely have some training or information on how to use the DVR.

I hope that helps.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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