Power supply problems with infrared night vision security cameras

by Peter Brissette
(Westminster, CO)

This was a recent Q&A via email between myself and a visitor here on the website.

First Name: Art

Your Question:

I want to see if I have this whole amps/power supply thing right: I have 5 cameras. All 24V and they draw approx 1.5 amps each. So do I need to get an 8 channel supply box that can handle at least 1.5amps per channel but no less than the sum of all amps...7.5 amps total current???

If so, my cameras all have the option of 12v or 24V hookup. So is the only advantage of hooking them all to 24V only that I can run longer lines without fear of voltage drop? Does the 24V option play any role in the amps per channel/total current draw??? Thanks, I hope you can answer this for me..I've been running into a lot of know-it-alls on line who know nothing-at-all and they still try to sell me stuff...Thanks! on line or phone call...either way that's easy for you.

Hi Art,

What kind of cameras are they? Just fixed?

With that much power you might want to split that over 2 power supplies.

If they are PTZs you will want a dedicated power supply for each.

Yes the main deal with 24v vs 12v is the distance you can run the cable.


Peter, thanks for getting back to me...I just left you a message on your phone...essentially what I said was. The 5 cameras are outdoor infra-red BIPRO S600VF12 200' IR from xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com The specs on their site
says; *DC12V (1000mA) or AC 24V (Dual Voltage Support)* They have a Q&A on their site and someone wrote in that the cutout...the cameras ability to switch to night time B&W stays on B&W even during the day. The sites answer was that maybe they are experiencing a voltage drop and the camera was unable to switch back...they went on to say that the cameras need approx 1.6 amps each????
So, which is it, 1 amp or 1.6??? I called them and they said go by the specs. I spoke to other companies and they said that particular camera is using more than 1 amp at night when the IR kicks in. they said the specs printout of 1000MA is during the day only and that the seller doesn't know what he's talking about...then, after they ripped xxxxxxxxx a new one, they proceed to try to sell me their products...You can see why I am so confused. I'm leaning towards just buying the largest amperage 8 camera box out there, but am I going overboard and buying more than I need or should I downsize and split the cameras 3 in one and 2 in the other???


My answer:
Infrared Night Vision Security Cameras always tend to pull more than the stated specs. I would try the larger amp power supply unit and if you get any drop out you can always add a second one.
Ideally you don’t want to go beyond 80% of your power supplies capacity.

Hope that helps.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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