power for IR night vision cameras

by Da


I have read your information about not enough power to a CCTV camera when the IR LEDs turn on at night so I have added individual power supplies to each camera. I now get a picture but it is a scan of IR vision on vertical lines that constantly move up on the screen. When I move the power supplies around it does not help. I have one camera that works fine with all power supplies and three that do not. It has never worked correctly at night on three cameras. All cameras are crystal clear in the daytime. What may be the problem? The original power supply is 5amp and the new added individuals are 1 amp all 12V DC.


Thanks for reading through the info here on our site.

It sounds like it is still a power issue. Using individual power supplies is a great idea but it sounds like they are not able to handle the power when the IR LEDs are on.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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