Pixim Cameras Review

In this Pixim Cameras Review we will discuss some of the common problems with traditional CCD security Cameras and how Pixim Cameras solve those problems.

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1. CCD security cameras have the inability to capture highlight and shadow detail in the same scene.

In a CCD all the pixels in the array have the same shutter speed and just one aperture.

With Pixim Cameras the pixels in bright areas automatically adjust to eliminate overexposure. Pixels in dark areas automatically adjust to eliminate underexposure.

2. CCD security cameras produce inconsistent clarity in bright, lowlight, or high contrast situations.

Traditional CCD cameras can’t see well when lighting conditions are not optimal. These cameras experience a lack of details in high-contrast and backlit situations, low clarity shadows, and image “washout” from glare or reflections. Images with these cameras are always suspect.

3. CCD security cameras create color inaccuracies in varying lighting conditions.

CCD security cameras have a difficulty adjusting for proper white balance. Since they have a difficult time finding the proper white balance it is difficult to produce accurate colors in the video images.

4. CCD security cameras also have difficulties with glare from windows and other reflective surfaces.

This goes back to the basis of the technology mentioned above. Since the CCD sensor has the same exposure across the whole array the camera is not able to adjust for the variation in lighting.

5. CCD security cameras can suffer from camera blindness caused by vertical smear and pixel blooming.

Pixel blooming is a problem inherent in analog CCD technology. Click here to read related article. This problem creates additional artifacts in the images which can distort the images and cause blindness in areas of the camera sensor which can seriously compromise the quality of the image.

6. CCD security cameras create low quality recordings and large file sizes.

CCD cameras frequently introduce a number of variants of random pixel alteration, called “noise.” They produce pixel blooming, vertical smearing and camera blindness which can seriously reduce the quality of the image.

Noise not only compromises image quality, it uses up valuable recording space. Analog CCD cameras can add sampling and conversion noise that often increases DVR storage needs by three times what cameras powered by Pixim require. Again this is a result of how the technology works.

Pixim’s patented Digital Pixel System (DPS) technology marks a fundamental breakthrough in imaging technology.

Building upon technology developed at Stanford University in the 1990s, Pixim has created an image capture and processing system that provides high-quality pictures with enhanced dynamic range.

Click here for more information on DPS technology.

Click here for the detailed and in-depth Pixim white paper.

Side by Side Examples

Reasons why you should buy security cameras powered by Pixims Digital Imager

1. Security cameras powered by Pixims Digital Pixel System provide unparalleled image quality across all lighting conditions.

Using wide dynamic range (WDR) technology Pixim delivers unprecedented image quality, even in unpredictable and variable lighting conditions.

2. Security cameras powered by Pixims Digital Pixel System produce color that is true and trustworthy.

CCD cameras, because they generalize pixel settings, can not capture true color. They often deliver saturated highlights or muddy shadows. In contrast, security cameras powered by Pixim deliver accurate white balance and color that is true.

3. Security cameras powered by Pixims Digital Pixel System give the highest total resolution.

Security cameras powered by Pixim deliver the highest total resolution. No other cameras offer 540 Horizontal TV Lines by 460 Vertical TV Lines from a progressive scan imager.

4. Security cameras powered by Pixims Digital Pixel System produce noise-free images.

The all digital technology automatically eliminates image-compromising visual noise such as vertical smearing and camera blindness to ensure the cleanest images available.

5. Security cameras powered by Pixims Digital Pixel System save valuable disk space.

The technology creates significant system savings. You can record at up to 3x the resolution and frame rate without increasing the DVR recording duration. (note: the size of the benefit depends on the DVR, lens and other factors.)

For the Pixim Compression Advantages White Paper click here.

Pixim Cameras Review Continued....

See the difference for your self in these side by side comparisons on this recorded video.

Even more reasons!!

Reliability – You can count on security cameras powered by Pixim to deliver clear, accurate images. From retail stores to banks to Olympic stadiums, Pixim’s Digital Pixel System technology provides the complete picture, down to the crucial details so all the information is there when it’s needed. Data without doubt!

Ability to handle variable lighting – Security cameras powered by Pixim are not foiled by changes in lighting, making them ideal for any application. The dynamic range in a Pixim-powered camera is an amazing 17 bits, >100dB.

Highest resolution and more natural color – Security cameras powered by Pixims Digital Pixel System technology deliver the highest total resolution at 540 Horizontal TV Lines by 460 Vertical TV Lines, as well as superior color rendering. As a result, target detail can be detected accurately.

Lowers overall system cost – Security cameras with Pixim’s technology, compared with CCD technology enables a higher compression of images. This allows DVRs to record with higher frame rates and resolution while maintaining the same total recording time. Saving valuable disk space saves valuable money.

I hope this Pixim Cameras Review has been helpful in clarifying some of the common problems with traditional CCD security cameras.

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