password reset for pico 2000 DVR

by joel


How do you reset the password on the Pico 2000 DVR?


Typically you can do a factory reset and then use the default system passwords.

According to the manual you can have two usernames and passwords.

"Click the Log ON/OFF button. A Logon Screen dialog box will pop up for input.

Two default usernames are available: “SUPER” and “OPERATOR”.

The factory default password is “pico” or NULL for either case.

When you logon as “SUPER”, you can click on the Utility button to change the logon password (to be discussed in more detail later on page 37).
However, if you logon as “OPERATOR”, the Utility button will be disabled to prevent the password and some other system and recording settings from being modified by the operator."

You may have to contact the manufacturer to get the instructions for doing a factory reset.

If you do a factory reset it is possible that you may loose your video that is stored on the DVR. But you should be able to sign in again to the system.

Hope that it works out for you.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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