Optical Zoom distance with PTZ camera

by Mujtaba Ahmed


Hi sir , I would like to know the Optical zoom distance with a PTZ camera , When PTZ camera sees any object with 36x , up to what distance do we get a good picture with clarity?


The thing you want to check is the lens length. For example a PTZ security camera lens might have a focal length of 4mm to 105mm.

That gives you the distance that the camera is able to zoom. The larger the zoom then the greater distance and field of view you are able to see.

What you will actually be able to see will vary depending on lighting and other factors as well.

With a large zoom for example you could likely zoom in a license plate from 100ft and be able to read the numbers and letters clearly.

The more optical zoom the better for the distance.

Many PTZ security cameras also have some digital zoom. Digital zoom is usually of no use. Once you start using the digital zoom images will start to pixelate. So stick with what the optical zoom can do to make sure you are getting what you need.

Hope that helps,

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Mar 06, 2012
Distance limit for Optical Zoom
by: Anonymous

What if my focal length for PTZ camera is 3.4 to 122.4mm so what could be my distance limit for 36x Optical zoom, I know it goes approximately 400m but how should i calculate this, could you please help me out?

Any calculator for the same?


You can use the CCTV Field of View Calculator to find your distances.


Nov 27, 2011

by: Anonymous

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