Mobile Video Surveillance - Innovative Solutions by Integrating GPS, Video and Google Map

by Ivy Yang
(CA, US)

In recent years, we have seen widespread use of GPS tracking units. Combined with mobile Internet, it provides fleet managers with a much more detailed picture of daily operations. These already provide a lot of useful functions like real time position tracking and route history recording. The next great leap forward, however, is to include both video surveillance and cloud computing services. And this is where ACTi comes into play.

As they say, “Seeing is believing.” Video surveillance systems have long provided the foundation of trustworthy records. With the advances in IP cameras, Google Maps, 3.5G mobile Internet and on-board computers, we have now arrived at an exciting time. Here we show you why integrating IP video, GPS and cloud computing is such an eye opener, and how it makes management much more effective.

Google Map is the most widely used map service on the Internet, with many possibilities to add additional function via plug-ins APIs. ACTi has created a system that harnesses the power of GPS positioning and Google Map display. By combining with real time GPS feed from vehicle, you may track vehicle locations right on Google Map simply through your web browser.

Add to this the capability of onboard computers and IP cameras that capture live video and serve as entry points for Digital Input devices, and powerful applications become reality. We can now link to a live view from any vehicle at any given time. This means that whenever any event happens, we can receive both alerts and live view for improved response.

Application #1 – Comprehensive Recording from Ambulance Clarifies any Medical disputes.

The ambulances
in the fleet are equipped with GPS receiver, Mobile internet Adapter, ACTi IP Camera and an onboard NVR installed on car base computer. The dispatch center maintains a clear overview of the ambulance location and environments.

Cameras located in the patient transport cabin document the state when patient was picked up by the ambulance, and records all emergency procedures made by accompanying paramedics. DI inputs connected with rear van gates document arrival and dispatch times. This means that all medical disputes can be properly investigated and responsibility assigned properly to each party involved. Performance metrics are also easy to obtain and analyze.

Application #2 – Panic Button & Alert

The bus is equipped with GPS Receiver, 3.5G Adapter, ACTi Camera and a Panic Button Should any incident occur to the bus, the bus driver may press the Panic Button to send an alert to the control center and call for help.

In the Control Center Room, the Guard will see a pop up from the Fleet Management Software. At the same time, the live view from the bus will be brought up to the Guard for further response.

Application#3 – Virtual Fence /Route Monitor Alert

By using monitoring vehicle position via GPS, it’s possible to set a Virtual Fence to precisely
keep track of your fleet during the day on the Fleet Management Software.

For Freight Fleet dispatch centers, you may set a boundary in which your trucks may operate. If a truck moves beyond the predefined area, it may be on an unauthorized trip, and proper alerts may be triggered.

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Ivy Yang
ACTi Corp

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