Even though it’s not as efficient as MPEG-4, the MJPEG is still an effective way of creating video from the sequencing of JPEG images. Motion JPEG (MJPEG) is a simple compression technique used to stream digital video images across a network. The quality of the image is guaranteed, regardless of movement because the captured video is a series of separately compressed JPEG images that can be extracted individually. The compression level can be adjusted to control image quality and file size.

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It is a compression that is seen in many of the Megapixel security cameras being sold today. Because of the large file sizes from MJPEG the cameras are limited as to the number of frames per second that they are able to send accross a network.

MJPEG is also more taxing on CPU and storage as well because of the limited compression that is actually used. There is a quick move to H.264 as the standard for Megapixel cameras because of its advanced compression and superior CPU utilization characteristics. For standard definition IP cameras MPEG-4 is still a good standard to use. There is not a significant difference in file size for standard definition when comparing MPEG4 and H.264.

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