Key Security Camera Specification

Used more often than lumens when discussing security cameras, a lux is a unit of illumination. It measures the amount of uniform light that falls on one square meter (expressed in one lumen per square meter). Security camera specs use the lux to indicate how much light they require to operate, with lower lux levels indicating a camera as more effective in lower ambient light. Look for 0.2 lux or less when choosing a low-light camera, and 2 lux or higher for daylight cameras.

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An infrared camera can actually be used in 0.0 lux levels. For more details on types of CCTV Security Cameras click here.

The charts below show examples of how much light is generated for the given source and how it compares between foot candles and lux.

Outdoor Lighting

Type of Light Foot Candle LUX
Direct Sunlight 10000 100000
Full Daylight 1000 10000
Overcast Day 100 1000
Dusk 10 100
Twilight 1 10
Deep Twilight -1 1
Full Moon -0.01 0.1
Quarter Moon -0.001 0.01
Moonless Night -0.0001 0.001
Overcast Night -0.00001 0.0001

Indoor Lighting

Type of Light Foot Candle LUX
Manufacturing-Rough 20 200
Manufacturing-Fine 100 1000
Retail 50 500
Banks Lobby 20 200
Bank Tellers 50 500
Hospital - Operating Room 1800 18000
Offices - General 30 300

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