by henry c robertelli
(jacksonville fl usa)



Henry Robertelli, support@comvoxsystems.com, 5570-401 Florida Mining Blvd S, Jacksonville FL 32257. Panasonic iPro bank grade security systems. IP and analog sales, instalaltin and service. Anywhere in Florida or Southern Georgia.

Panasonic, renowned in the surveillance industry for its high quality surveillance cameras, first introduced the i-Pro Network Surveillance System in 2005. During this time, network surveillance cameras have become increasingly popular thanks to their ability to enable remote surveillance while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). Encompassing a wide choice of cameras, encoders, recorders and management software, i-Pro has been a success in the market offering significant technological innovations. Lower TCO, however, is not the only benefit from Panasonic i-Pro Network Surveillance System. i-Pro also offers professional surveillance solutions with Superior Image and Total System Quality, the hallmarks of the i-Pro range. In the spring of 2008, i-Pro is evolving to provide an even better and more complete solution with the introduction of the new megapixel line-up. Including two megapixel cameras, a high performance network recorder and a multi channel high definition video decoder. i-Pro now more than ever is synonymous with Superior Image and Total System Quality

i-Pro, the IP Surveillance System with professional specs throughout.
IP networks have become a basic infrastructure in every aspect of personal and business life. Security is no exception. In this new environment, IP surveillance systems offer tremendous advantages compared with conventional analog systems. For corporations they address the most important issue of all — lowering TCO*. To enable our customers to take full advantage of this benefit, Panasonic developed i-Pro Series. Incorporating proprietary technology, Panasonic's unique know-how, and i-Pro professional specs throughout. While raising identification, efficiency and reliability to new peaks, its wealth of outstanding features also succeed in dramatically lowering Total Cost of Ownership

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