Intentional Manipulation of video security images


Can a person intentionally manipulate a security camera computer system in order to make viewing blurred or exray like to cover up a crime recorded by security camera?


Well yes and no.

Yes if while the image was being recorded they shined a bright light at the camera or otherwise blinded the cameras view then in that case yes the image will be messed up.

Images already on a DVR or NVR can be viewed via the systems software but the direct files can not be edited. The could be deleted of course.

If the images are pulled of the DVR or NVR then at that point you could us any number of image editing software to change the images.

Most NVR and DVR systems have a function to output the files and apply a special watermark so that it is known that the file being copied was exactly the same as what was recorded. These are typically admissible in court.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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