Intensifier Cameras
Video Example

This video shows an example of an Intensifer Security Camera.

These cameras are fairly unique and hard to find but can serve a specific purpose in a difficult lighting situation.

Please Note: GSP America is no longer manufacturing security systems

Key Features

  • Need to have some source of light such as moon, stars, lighting from vending machines, exit signs, etc.
  • Operates in color during the day and night (also has a night B/W mode if needed)
  • Uses the Sony 1/3” Super HAD CCD with DSP for high quality image
  • High resolution of 540 TV Lines
  • Minimum Illumination of .002 Lux with the SENS-UP turned on
  • Uses DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) when the AGC (Auto Gain Control) is on
  • Reduces image noise in low light for better picture
  • Also reduces image file size
  • Easy to use Toggle Switch for camera setup
  • OSD (On Screen Display) for easy set up and camera identification
  • White Balance and Auto Iris controls for consistent image color and quality
  • Privacy Function that will allow you to conceal or mask areas you do not wish to appear in the image
  • Mirror and many other options

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