how to view my video security dvr via the internet

by Tommy
(Spring, Tx)


I have a samsung shr-1041 security camera system and can not figure out how to veiw it on the web. I found the IP address on the systems page but when I type that in it tells me that my internet explorer encountered a problem and is looking for the solution. Please help as I am computer ignorant. Thank you in advance. Tommy


Hi Tommy,

This is a pretty common question and a common problem.

What you will need to do is set up port forwarding on your router.

Your router will automatically block all IP addresses that are internal in your network from being accessed directly from outside your network. That is standard safety protocols that are built into any router.

What you have to do is tell your router to all that IP address to be viewed externally. They way you do that is add it by doing what is called Port Forwarding.

You can usually access your router from any of your computers on your network by typing in in the browser address.

You can assign an IP address to your DVR or let your router do it automatically which it probably has already. Sounds like you know what it is.

There you can look for Port Forwarding or Advanced Port Forwarding that will be under your Advanced Settings Options.

There it will allow you to add that IP address as one that can then be accessed from outside your network.

Usually you can search Google with the model name and number of your router and the words port forwarding to find specific instructions on how to set it up.

To test you need to make sure you are checking from a computer that is outside your network. So call a friend and ask them to access the IP address you give them in order to get to the DVR over the internet.

Here is additional information from CCTV and IP Security expert Erron Spalsbury

Every router on the planet is different. However, for the most part they all have the same basic
features and log on capabilities. The first thing you will need to do is log into the router via the web interface. This is typically done by looking in the manual it came with or online to find it's default IP address. Enter this address directly into the address bar through your browser. (Example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
It will ask you for the username and password to log onto the router. The default username and password for a Linksys for example is Admin and admin. This will also be in the first few pages of the routers manual. Find the settings tab for port forwarding. This can sometimes be under the "settings" or "advanced settings" in the routers menu. Sometimes you'll have enter each port individually, sometimes you can put in a port range, 2200-2250 for example. Be sure to save your changes after you have entered the port forwarding information. That's really all there is to it. If you get into trouble, refer back to the user manual for port forwarding. The manuals have gotten considerably easier to read and understand over the last few years and with a little searching around through the browser interface you'll quickly find it's rather easy to setup.

For the DVR...

There really isn't too much to setup on a DVR or NVR for port forwarding. Most of the DVRs on the market come pre-set with ports that are activated for things like client menus, playback, searching of videos, and even smartphone streaming. You'll just need to know which ports your particular model of DVR uses to forward through the router. This information can be found either on their website or in the manual from the manufacture. Worst case, call the tech support division of the DVR you've purchased and ask them which ports need to be forwarded to take advantage of the remote client software and other features your DVR offers.

Hope that helps. Thanks for the question.

If anyone has additional ideas or problems to avoid feel free to add your comments below.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Jun 06, 2012
cctv camera
by: jason

i have my setting right but it works with fire fox but wont with ieeplorer it tells me active x wont install. can you help me.


Sometimes you just have to us a different browser if Active X wont install for IE. Its a fairly common problem.


Mar 13, 2011
Answer to cant view
by: Peter


I would do a search in google for your model number of router for a manual or instructions on how to change the settings. It is possible that it uses a different ip address or has some other way of making changes.

If that is not successful then the easiest thing to do is go get a new router. They are usually less than 100 bucks and the newer ones work better any way and are easier to get set up.


Mar 13, 2011
can not get to
by: Dave

Hi Peter,
I think your post was very important and i to always have a problem viewing my dvr out of my network. From my pc or netbook in my home i can view using my netview software but once i leave and log on somewhere else i can never log on. Now the problem i have is everytime i try to log into it always puts the http: in front of it as soon as i hit enter and it will not display but instead always give me " no internet connection" or something close to that. I have tried many ways but still no luck. Hope you can help me out.
Look forward to it.

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