How to Convert Analog to IP video security systems

by Peter
(Torrance CA)


I have a q-see dvr with 8 cameras, 5 of which have lost the signal. Not sure what the problem is but was thinking to change the system to computer based so looking into poe. I have seen adapters (splitters, converters) that you can plug the bnc and power cables to and on the other end there is a jack that will accept a data cable. If I want to use my existing cameras to save cost, can I use these converters so I can connect to a poe switch and network? And what computer software do you suggest?


You mention converting analog to POE but what I think you are talking about is taking standard Analog Cameras with BNC connectors and putting them on to IP for use over a network using an Analog to IP Converter.

Yes you can do that. The analog converters are not all that cheap but what you might look at is a mix of new IP cameras and maybe a few IP converters.

Check out E-Line Cloud Systems

Once you get most kinds of cameras or converters they will come with software that you can use on your PC or with the on camera or converter storage to view and record.

Once you are using cloud based cameras it becomes much easier to view the cameras on any PC or Smart Phone with an internet connection.

Let us know how it works out.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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