how to connect cctv through a 3G phone

by philip
(jakarta , indonesia)


i have a problem to connect my cctv system over internet with my 3G phone with windows mobile 6.0 made in taiwan HTC TITAN II. I am using a dvr card from Geovision GV800 with software v7.0. I have already set the internet requirement to be accessed over the internet connection. I also already set the access with Internet Explorer successfully. However I have a problem with my 3G phone that always fails to access the cctv system.

I have already install the software for windows CE to my 3g phone but when i try to connect it failed (the error 'server close'). I dont if it is because the software does not support 3gpp or I have to find another software that supports this application. Any advice?


Without being there to see all your settings it is hard for me to give you a specific answer. It most likely is one or both of the following items.

1. Port Forwarding is not properly set on your router to allow external access to the DVR Card.

2. You do not have the settings entered correctly on the phone software (or the phone software is not the correct version)

These are the typical areas where I see problems with access video.

Here is a document that may help you. It is a two page guide I found at that I thought explained the process in an easy to understand way.

Download the pdf by clicking here.

Frankly the setup process for this is way too difficult. It should be much easier to set up and use video security.

Here are 7 things I would like to see from Security Camera Manufacturers!!

  • Easy Plug-n-Play installation

  • No Software to install

  • View Live Video from anywhere via web or phone

  • All Cameras are easily managed in a single interface

  • No additional hardware needed for recording

  • No limit on number of cameras or locations

  • No monthly service fees

You will never get that from analog technology. That is why I am now declaring that "analog video security is DEAD."

I would love to hear your comments!

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Jul 07, 2012
camera to my phone
by: shaik

canera to my phone

Mar 23, 2012
need assitance
by: Anonymous

i had a 3g facility phone and am going to buy a cctv for my office . i like to know how could i watch my office in my mobile . what would i need please send mail if any one had answer to

May 19, 2011
3G Connection with mobile
by: Riddlesans


Dear Sir/Madam,
i tried to connect the cctv dvr from mobile via wireless network. my mobile have wireless and i connect it to wireless router and i entered the ip of dvr to mobile IE. but there is a problem i.e it sugesst for install of active x. i cant install active x in mobile so how could it be easy to see.
would you please help me.

hope for your positive response.


Ram Raja
Kathmandu, Nepal


Active X is a windows internet explorer feature that makes it possible to view the video. That does not work on mobile devices.

Your DVR may not be compatible with mobile devices. I would look into your DVR to verify that has mobile capability. There will usually be an alternate way of viewing that is typically through some type of portal or server that will process the video before it gets to the mobile device.


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