How do you hook up a DVR to all your security cameras?

by joe difilippi
(new york,ny)


How do u hook up a DVR to all your cameras?

First let me give some background on the differences in DVRs.

A DVR is basically a computer with a hard drive that records video. Hence Digital Video Recorder. The only difference is how the video gets to the DVR and how to view it.

In a TIVO type DVR for your TV the input is from cable, satellite or antenna and you are recording a program and then playing it back. The connections are some type of RF type coax connections or RCA type video inputs or maybe even HDMI cable input.

A security DVR is very different. It is set up to receive multiple inputs directly from cameras. Typically it is 4, 8 or 16 video channels or inputs. The connections are usually made using RG59/U coax cable with BNC connectors. The cable must run from the cameras to the DVR. The DVR is then set up with either a recording schedule or to only record when motion is detected.

You are then able to play back the video by searching days and times to see what was recorded in that time frame. The data can usually be backed up to a flash drive or CD or if the DVR has network capability it be backed up over the network.

Most Security DVRs are pretty easy to setup.

However a hard part is getting it on to a network and then being able to have external access to the DVR and cameras. That requires a little more work to accomplish but it certainly can be done.

Here is a video that explains more about DVRs.

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