How do I connect a cctv security camera to a Dynamic IP address

by dapomaco
(Lagos, Nigeria)


How do I connect CCTV security Camera to dynamic IP address?


Well I did some checking on this one. Typically any individual Analog security camera cannot be connected to an IP source. The Analog security camera is connected via coax cable to a DVR. Most DVR's will have some type of network connection.

The DVR can then be connected with a Static IP Address which is the most recommended way. Some DVRs do have the ability for Dynamic DNS which would allow for the network address to change. That is basically impossible to setup and keep a remote connection to it if you do that.

If you are using IP Security Cameras it is still recommended to assign a static IP address rather than trying to use something like DHCP which is constantly changing.

Hope that helps,

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Jul 05, 2011
Another option
by: Teddo

You may also use a video encoder. This is a device that will take a coaxial cable input from an analog camera and encode the video stream to a digital signal. (The output is a Cat-5 network cable.)
Do a search for 'CCTV video encoder'to find manufacturers. They run from around $200 USD on up to $400 USD or more for a single camera device.

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