Highest stored video resolution in video surveillance systems


The information on your web site is very vauable. Thank you !

In a previous entry, you mention: "the highest stored resolution using composite video (which is what comes from an analog camera) is 720x480".
(CCTV Resolution)

How does the above statement go with Sony that say their Effio sensors is 976x494, and comptible with NTSC ?

Or how does the above statement go with products of manufactureres that offer DVR with recording capacity of 960x 480?


Newer DVR's are beginning to increase the size of the images that can be stored. Typically though we are seeing this with IP camera systems with the IP cameras that can handle much higher resolution.

So yes if you can get higher res on the camera and the DVR has the ability to store it at a higher storage resolution then in general you should be able to at least view recordings much better and capture much greater detail.

You always have to factor in things like lighting, distance, motion, etc. into the equation but in general the combination of two higher resolutions would be the better option.

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