help me get my privacy back from covert security cameras


I believe that i'm being watched with covert cameras, but I cannot find them with the device i purchased. It just made the person I suspect of doing it taunt me with pictures of flashing red lights on his blog. is there a way that I can disable the camera by flooding the room with IR light or leaving a flashing strobe on in the room whenever i am not there? If I can't find it with an optical device (flashing red leds) is it likely that i will be able to do better with one of the more expensive laser devices?


First of all sorry for your situation. I don't know all the details but it sounds like a real invasion of your privacy.

If this is happening in your home and the person is actually posting pictures of it online then the authorities will have no problem shutting this guy down.

I would immediately alert the police in this situation. You could even initiate an action that wherever his blog is being hosted to have him shut down completely because of his illegal activities.

As far as IR or Laser affecting the lens on the camera.

Yes IR can affect the lens if the camera uses an IR cut filter that is removable. Meaning that in low light and dark situations it will allow IR to come into the camera. In that situation either bright light or IR would essentially blind the camera.

I have never seen it myself but have heard of using Laser lights to damage the camera. In that case though you need to know where the camera is so that you can focus the laser on it.

Hope that helps.

Security Camera Expert

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