Having trouble finding the right security camera for unique outdoor installation

by Joe
(Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)


I'm a student at Marian university and I'm doing a beaver research project for one of my classes and i'm trying to install a camera in a beaver lodge by drilling a hole in the side and inserting a PVC pipe and placing a camera in the pipe. I need a camera that is no more than 2" in diameter I also need it to be either POE or 12V DC powered. It needs to be able to see in very low light conditions possibly only illuminated by a seperate IR illuminator It is going to be outside so it would need to be somewhat weather proof but it wont be completely submerged so it doesn't need to be waterproof. The camera also needs to have a Very wide viewing angle so probably a lens that is no less than 2.8 mm. Most importantly it needs to be IP We can't hook this camera up to a TV we need to be able to view it remotely from our computers we have a wifi router already inplace to send the signal to us but we need a camera that can send a signal to wifi router.

So I need a IR, IP, Wide angle, small diameter camera, that is either POE or DC powered and somewhat weatherproof. Any suggestions on where to find one or if there is any way i could get one specially made or any other alternative?


Hi Joe,

This is a great question. Sounds like an interesting project.

I think I can help.

First the security camera.

I would recommend you get an Analog Bullet Outdoor IR camera. Of course it would need to be less than 2 inches in diameter and have a wide angle lens.

Most cameras like that will run on 12VDC.

These are common cameras and you should have no problem finding someone that can provide that for you.

Here is one place. www.el-usa.com

The second issue is being able to connect via a network connection.

I recommend using a Network Video Server with on board video storage.

It will let you store the video on the server and you can access the video and the system from Internet Explorer and even a web capable cell phone.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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Mar 19, 2011
Dealers and customized cameras
by: Peter

A dealer will probably not be able to customize something completely unique for you.

However even though there may be a limited number of cameras listed on a distributors or a dealers website they will typically have many other cameras available that will fit your application.

You will probably need to make a few phone calls and ask around to see if they might have something that will work.

It is not unusual for them to have many other sizes and types of cameras they have in stock or can easily order.


Mar 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

Is there any dealers that I can go and have them make a customized camera like a special order like a "build a bear" but for cameras? I know build a bear isn't the best example but it conveys what I mean? All of the cameras on the website were to big or weren't IP if they were small enough to work.

Mar 16, 2011
Security Camera Options
by: Peter


Those cameras were to give you an idea of what is available.

Most dealers/distributors can put a lens on the camera that will be the size that you need even though it may not be advertised on their website.

You will have to contact them directly and find out what they can do for you.

Not all of them will but there are plenty out there will get you exactly what you need.


Mar 15, 2011
by: Joe

okay so those cameras aren't going to work I need something with like a 2.5mm lens something that will give me 130 to 170 degree field of view is there any place where I can customize my own camera?

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