Electronic shutter vs Global shutter differences and definition

by Munnu


Hi sir Could you please tell me the differences between Electronic and Global shutter


I am not sure what you mean by Global shutter. Most security cameras will have the option of an Electronic Shutter or an Auto Iris.

You visit the CCTV Glossary to see detailed definitions of the two.

Basically an electronic shutter is used in cameras where an auto iris is not available or in cameras like a WDR (Wide Dynamic) camera where it is adjusting the amount of light hitting the image sensor to adjust the image quality.

It does this by electronically shutting of the sensor from taking in any more lite as opposed to an actual physical iris that is restricting the light.

In most cases an Auto Iris is preferable to managing the amount of light coming in.

Hope that helps.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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