Easy IP Security Cameras

These Easy IP Security Cameras can be connected, online, recording and viewed in less than 5 minutes.

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There are 6 simple reasons that Easy Video Online Security Cameras can provide the safety and security you seek.

  • Easy Plug-n-Play installation
  • No Software to install
  • View Live Video from anywhere via web or phone
  • No additional hardware needed for recording
  • No limit on number of cameras or locations
  • No monthly service fees

There is no other Home Security Camera System that can provide you all of the features available with Easy Online Video. The entire system has been designed to make it as easy as possible to connect, view and record your security cameras.

Currently there are two basic models available. They come in a small box camera or a small dome camera. You can choose from wired or wireless in each model. There will also be a PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) model available soon as well.

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Easy Plug-N-Play installation

Our cameras can be purchased to be wired to your home network or as wireless to connect to your wireless home network. You simply connect the camera and plug in the power. There are no IP addresses to be assigned. No special configuration of your router is needed.

Then all you do is open Internet Explorer on your PC and add the Cameras ID number to your Easy Video Online account. The camera will be automatically connected and you will then be able to view the camera and the recordings from any PC anywhere.

No Software to Install

All our cameras easily connect to your online account. You can access that account from any PC. No other software is neccessary. Each camera is its own recorder and you can access the recording via your online account.

You never have to worry about installation or upgrades or having to leave a dedicated PC on in order to access your cameras.

View Live Video from anywhere via web or phone

Viewing your cameras is easy. Just login to your account from any PC and start viewing. You can also view on your web enabled phone. Use your Blackberry or Iphone to access your cameras anytime and anywhere you want.

No additional hardware needed for recording

What does that mean for you? That means you do not need a dedicated PC or another piece of hardware to maintain in order to record your video. Using advanced technology the cameras have been designed to work as their own Digital Video Recorders. There is a built in SD memory card slot. The cameras come with a 4GB card which will give you 7 to 10 days of recording time. You can upgrade the storage time by inserting larger memory cards.

Accessing the recording is easily accomplished through your online account. You can search by date and time to find the video you need. Then you can copy the video to your local hard drive, flash drive or other digital media and play it back with your favorite video player.

No limit on number of cameras or locations

Want to start out with only a few cameras now but add more later? That is no problem. Add as many additional cameras as you like.

In fact you can have cameras in multiple locations. Want one or two at home, and few at the office? No problem. You can access them all in your single online account. Add more cameras and more locations any time you want.

No monthly service fees

With Easy Video Online there are no monthly service fees. When you buy a security camera it comes with the license built in so that you can add it to your online account. There are no other charges for viewing, accessing recording, adding cameras, adding locations, etc. Simply purchase cameras and you are all set.

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