Do all retail stores have security cameras?

by Robin


Do all retail stores have security cameras?


That is a great question for sure.

Since I am in this industry I think I may be more keenly aware of security cameras than most. I can spot the cameras a mile away it seems like.

I have seen them in many retails stores. Walmart is one that comes to mind. Have you seen how many cameras they have mounted on a store? It has to be at least several hundred cameras in a single Walmart store.

If you think no one is watching you...think again!

I see them even in Starbucks these days. Of course as soon as someone gets robbed that doesn't have one they start to clamor about to get a system put in.

I see them in most convenience stores, larger retailers like Best Buy, Kohls, JC Pennys, Sears, Kmart, etc.

Even if there are no obvious signs that there are cameras in a store it is possibly they are using covert cameras to record the stores activities.

Typically in places like bars, etc. they cameras are there more as a guard against employee theft rather than issues with the customers.

So yes, I think almost all stores have security cameras.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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