Covert Security Cameras Review

In recent years covert security cameras gained noterity being used to monitor childrens nannys. Parents who were using Nannys were concerned about possible abuse of their children and installed hidden cameras. Unfortunately many of their fears wear correct. You have probably seen some of the videos or news programs showing what happened. I can imagine the horrible feeling those parents must have had when they saw their child being abused. You might as well take a hot poker and just stick it in your gut.

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Since then covert security cameras have found other uses. They are used to monitor pets, contractors in the home, employees, potential shop lifters or theives and even teenage children. How will you use yours?

Choosing one of these covert security cameras is much the same as choosing any CCTV camera. The things you need to consider are placement, lighting, connecting, viewing, and recording the images.

Placement of the hidden camera has many options because of the variety of devices that may be housed inside. They are placed inside a variety of everday household items.

Some of the housing options are:

  • Books
  • Coke can
  • Motion sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Alarm clock/am-fm radios
  • Tissue box
  • Wall clocks
  • Even for babies inside a small stuffed animal

Consider the scene you want to view and the possible position of the camera. The field of view (or what the camera can see) is typically the same as if you covered one of your eyes and only looked out one eye. You should be able to see about that same width with a standard camera with a fixed lens.

Then you need to consider the lighting conditions. If you are wanting color images you need to make sure the light levels are very good. If the light levels are low you can use a black and white camera to be able to still get a quality image.

How you will connect the cameras is an important consideration as well. Consider where you can run wires or if you can run wires to connect the camera to a monitor or to a DVR. If running wires is a problem you can also get wireless cameras. They are more expensive and would require a receiver at the other end that can be connected to a DVR or to a monitor.

Viewing your images can be with a monitor or TV directly or attached to a security dvr where the images are recorded. Some systems also give you the ability to view the images remotely via the internet from other locations.

If you run cable you can connect to a standard security DVR to record the images for later viewing. You can also use a wireless system to do this. Finally there are some cameras that have built in DVRs that record to a memory card which can be viewed later on a PC. DVRs can be programmed to only record whenever motion is detected. This will insure that you will not run out storage space by recording all of the time. You can also set up specific recording times.

Prices can range from under $100 all the way up to $2000 for some cameras.

Why would you need a covert camera?

The first use of these covert security cameras was usually as Nanny Cams. Other possible uses would be to monitor employee's, to catch a thief, to find out if a loved one is cheating or lying to you, etc.

Need expert advice?

If you are not sure how to choose the correct camera then please go to our contact us page and provide us as much information as you can based on the details above and one of our experts will contact you.

One of my favorite covert security cameras is this Logitech Network IP Camera. It looks and operates like a regular clock. It comes with software and all the instructions to easily set it up and uses a connection through your electrical outlets so you don't have to run any wires. The software will record right to your PC on whatever schedule you specifiy.

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