cool, ip cameras work with DVR but not NVR ?

by Jack

As a professional OEM manufacturer of ip cameras, we have developed a least  series of  Ip cameras that work with DVR and Distributed Computing storage but not NVR.It has BNC interface so it can not only output digital signal just as what traditional ip cams do, but also analog signal , so the DVR can work with it ! is it cool? 

It does not use a NVR but Distributed Network Computing that store the data from ip cams. you can record and store you surveillance video in your browser, CMS software at anywhere that just has a computer and internet connection. is it cool?

If you want put some ip cameras into your cctv system and  experience the latest Ip  Surveillance technology  without distory the existed one,and also do not want to pay for the expensive NVRs that has limited Compatibility   wiht ip cameras.

This All-In-One ip camera series with BNC interface may be perfect for you

may be you need a live demo or a sample to understand and experience this new interesting technology, donĄŻt you?

You can download our catalog including this latest ip camera series  and live demo at

or you can contact me at

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