The use of CMOS, Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductors in imagers to sense images may improve over CCD technology in resolution, dynamic range, and noise sensitivity. CMOS sensors are being used in many cameras and systems today instead of CCD image sensors. In particular they are being used in many of the megapixel and HDTV sensors. The two technologies process information in different ways but perform essentially the same function.

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There is much debate on the differences between CMOS and CCD sensors as to which one is better or more effective. Each one seem to have their benefits. One of the challenges they both have is how they handle fluorescent lights and motion. These types of things can have some adverse effects on the images captured by these devices. Some types of light can create rolling images and motion can actually create a distortion in the images.

Other types of sensors that use WDR or Wide Dynamic Range such as Pixim Digital Sensors solve many of these problems that are inherent to CMOS and CCD Devices.

Also see CCD, WDR and SNR.

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