Choosing the Right Security Camera Application Guide

What thieves don't want you to know about Security Camera Systems

Is Choosing the Right Security Camera important to you? I am sure it is. Have you ever been watching the 10 o'clock news when a report is made about a recent break in or burglary and they say they have video coverage of it? It is usually at this point that a little bit of fear runs through me. Why? Well because usually the video they play back isreally awful. You can kind of tell that it is a man (or woman?) who is breaking something or taking something and that's about it. You don't see skin color, you don't see hair color you cant even tell the color of the clothes.

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I guess we should be happy that at least we can establish the time the event happened. Of course the reporters say if you have any information or can identify the person in the video to call the local authorities. Heck, I don't think the persons twin brother could say who it was that committed the crime.

What others have said:

"Thanks for the info. I found it concise, yet thorough enough to give someone like me a jump start to gaining a better understanding of putting together a solid security camera solution for my clients.

I found this document to be perfect for the audience it is intended to address. As I mentioned, it is concise, but addresses the issues associated with assessing the needs of a customer's situation. It is especially helpful for someone that is new to this industry and needs to be able to talk intelligently and make basic recommendations.

Thanks for all your help....."

Richard Herod
FSUnlimited, LLC

"Thank you always for sharing your knowledge with me.

Best regards,"

Ryan M. Cho

I say that because I really believe that is the impression of video surveillance systems that many thieves believe are in use today. So really how much of a deterrent would that be?

That is a big part of the reason why I wrote the guide to Choosing the Right Security Camera. I can guarantee you that thieves and criminals do not want you to know this information! I also know you do not want to be the one that has to answer to your customer because the video clip of their break in looks like crap. You do not want to be the one that made the wrong choice in security cameras.

Why should you read this guide?

  • The information is concise, clear and to the point. (only 12 pages long!)
  • It is a compilation of many different resources throughout the video security industry.
  • Is based on real life applications and experience not theory.
  • Has been used to train low voltage contractors/installers new to video security.
  • Includes pictures, drawings, forms and links to additional information.

Who should get this?

Anyone who will be installing a Security Camera System either for yourself or a customer.

Here are the key sections in the guide.

  • Analog vs IP - Connecting the cameras.
  • Styles of Cameras
  • Camera Features as it relates to lighting conditions
  • Determining Camera Placement and Camera View
  • Pulling it all together

The guide is a pdf document that can be printed and includes links to additional information that will allow you to explore specific topics even further. As well as helpful tools like a Camera Selection Survey form that can be used as a quick reference guide when designing a system.

In addition when you sign up you will also receive the following guides in future emails.

  • Making the transition from Analog to IP
  • Choosing Megapixel Cameras
  • What is Video Analytics? and do I need it?
  • Understanding PoE Power Over Ethernet

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