CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television refers to the use of television cameras for surveillance purposes. Unlike broadcast television, all devices are linked directly by cables in a closed system. CCTV pictures are viewed and/or recorded, but are not broadcast. Usually involving analog cameras and recorders, CCTV is the precursor to digital network systems.

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The first CCTV system is reportedly developed in 1942 in Germany. The early uses of such systems were used for watching rocket launches and similar industrial applications where it was needed.

The early adopters of CCTV in the US have primarily been in the banking industry in an attempt to help with crime fighting information. The UK has large numbers of CCTV Cameras in use in the public and private sectors. They number of these in the UK is far more than any other country. Adoption of CCTV camera systems in the US is growing everything single year.

Has technology improves CCTV systems will become less expensive and will have many more useful features. One feature currently being expanded greatly is the use of analytics as a part of an overall video security system. Analytics gives the user the ability to either search for information in new and easy ways or to create proactive measures that will trigger a notification event if that item is triggered. An example would be some type of motion in the cameras view that would then send off a notification email to someone who could remotely access thier system and view it. Or they could view event photos on their cell phone. Either way the technology is getting better and easier every single year.

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