CCTV TVL resolution Conversion

by nowshad


Please send me the Tvl to Resolution. for
Example - 420tvl 510 (Horizontal) x 492 (Vertical)
Please send me... Thanks.


This from our guest expert Erron Spalsbury.

"Tv lines of resolution is refering to the scan lines on a given picture. For the most part, newer systems will refer to image pixels as they will be recorded in a horizontal by vertical pixel resolution. There are no direct conversions as one is analog the other is digital and it depends on how many pixels a given dvr will record them in."

I would also add that there are going to be variations from one manufacturer to another based on the actual sensor they are using in their camera.

You should be able to download the spec sheets from a variety of manufacturer to be able to come up with a working matrix that you can use a reference.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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