cctv security camera system for my office



There are a lot of questions with this one so I will just insert my answer through out.

i need four cameras for my small office which includes three dome d/n camera and one varifocal camera

I want some information which should be the best suitable cctv for me.

Also the dome cameras should have IR, 560 TVL and min 10 m range and the varifocal cctv must have the same configuration with at least 50 m range.

Answer: Some manufacturers to look at would be Sony, Samsung, Pelco. Each of them will have basic indoor or outdoor dome cameras with IR and 540 to 560 TVL. They will typically have varifocal lenses in the 3 to 12 mm range. For a 50mm varifocal lens it may cost less to get a standard box camera with a 5 to 50 or 6 to 60mm lens on it. If your putting it outside you can add a housing to it. In that case you will not have IR but you can always add a separate IR light to use with it as long as it is a day night camera.

Then the best suitable DVR which should be connected to network and can be accessed from my pc from a remote end

Answer: Again those same manufacturers will have DVRs that will have the basics you are looking for. Typically most will come with 320 to 500GB hard drives with network capability and remote access.

is the dvr workd like a cpu in a pc?

Answer: Yes the DVR is like a CPU. It is a little computer that is used for recording video.

how the power supply can be given to each camera ?

Answer: Power is supplied one of two ways. Locally at each camera with a small transformer or with central power. Central power will run on 18 gauge wire from a central location to the cameras. Most basic systems like this will run on 12 VDC power. FYI there is a 100 meter (300 foot limitation for power in this situation.)

how are the data cables are connected from cameras to dvr?

The "data" cables is RG59/U coax cables with BNC connectors. Each camera will need to be connected directly to a channel on the DVR. Most will run RG59/U with 18/2 wire all in one cable to handle the video and the power.

Here are links to more information on my site that also have links to some video training as well.

Security Camera Systems Basics

Power and Cable for a CCTV Security Camera Systems

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Systems Expert

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