CCTV Field of View with a security camera looking down a hallway

by Dean


Hi I have some question about FOV.

I have a hallway that is 39’ long by 5’ wide there are two cooler doors on the right side of the hallway about 20’ from the end of the hall. If I mount the camera on the ceiling (about 9’ high) and point down the hall looking at the cooler doors.
Does it matter how wide the FOV is?

Ok so here is what I have figured out.

Camera Installation Height = 9’

Distance from camera = 35’ (To end of hallway)

Focal length = 2.8mm

This would give me a FOV of 7’ in Height to the end of the hallway and 50’ Width.

So does the extra Width in the FOV really matter looking down the hallway?


Wow you have really done your homework on this one.

The short answer is NO. The extra width in the field of view does not really matter.

The reason it doesn't matter depends on how well you are capturing the image at the end of the hall. If the depth of your view is sufficient for you to make out enough details of what your looking at then that is all you are after.

One of the keys to camera placement is using bottlenecks or choking points. That is places where people have to walk through such as hallways and doorways.

Good work on figuring out your specs on this one. I am impressed!

Let us know how the application works out.

To learn more visit CCTV Field of View Calculator

If you have comments or thoughts about this application please add to the comments below.

Security Camera Expert

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