CCTV Distributors

There are many CCTV Distributors that provide Security Camera Systems in the US and around the world.

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But there are many questions that need to be asked and answered.

For example:

  • Who do distributors sell too?
  • What is a security camera dealer?
  • How can I buy video security camera systems?
  • How do security camera equipment manufacturers sell their products?

Answering these questions will help you understand the make up of the Video Security Industry in particular in the US market.

Who do distributors sell too?

For the most part distributors the customers of the manufactuer. Their job is to purchase the product from the manufacturer and then distribute that product to the market. The primary way the video security distributors have operated is by selling the product to dealers who are also called integrators. The dealers then sell the product along with their installation services to the end user such as a small local business.

There have been at times a lot of unrest in the industry because of some "foul play" by distributors and manufacturers. There have been documented instances where distributors have bypassed the dealers (especially on large projects) and sold directly to the end user (like a school or hospital). When that happens a dealer gets cut out of the deal but the distributor typically makes the same amount of money. There are also situations where the manufacturer bypassed both the distributor and the dealer and sold directly to a dealer or an end user. This practice of course has upset many of the dealers and distributors as well.

What is a security camera dealer?

A security camera dealer also called an integrator is a business that designs and installs security camera systems. Some of these business may focuse on just video security while others my also do access control or work in other low voltage types of companies like phone or computer networking type businesses.

Most dealers focus on the Small, Medium and Large business, government, educational and medical sectors. However there are others that focus on the residential market as well.

How can I buy video security camera systems?

If you are looking to have video security installed for your business or a large home I would highly recommend that you find a dealer/integrator in your area to work with. We have a directory of installers on our website that you can search for one in your area. Security Camera Installer Directory They will work with you to discover your goals and help you to design the system that will meet your security objectives. You can read my article"Security Camera Installation: What questions should I ask." to learn more about choosing a company to work with.

If you are just looking for some basic cameras and a simple system for your smaller home or office you can find systems available at many retailers. Retailers like Walmart, Costco, Amazon and many others have a wide variety of security camera systems available to purchase. The challenge in doing that is that you can't be sure the kind of support you are going to receive when you buy directly from a retailer. I would recommend you take some time and do your research before making a purchase.

We are also now offering some simple easy to us IP cameras that are ideal for home or small office use, especially if you have multiple locations. Visit the Easy IP Security Cameras page to learn more.

How do security camera equipment manufacturers sell their products?

Like I noted above you most manufacturers will sell their products through a distributor and dealer/integrator network. It will vary some on how each manufacturers actually accomplishes this but essentially it is all the same process.

If you are a Security Dealer/Integrator you will want to make sure and have your listing on our free directory page. If you are a distributor or manufacturer please visit our contact us page and let us know you would like to be listed on this page or our website.

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