cctv camera disabled by IR beam


I have 7 dome vandalproof outdoor cctv cameras around the perimeter of my home ---1/3 sony super had ccd--- 550tvl--- 0.lux (ir led on)--ir wave 850nm--auto electronic shutter 1/50-1/100,000sec--- sensor area 4.9mmx3.7mm--s/n 48db--gamma 0.45-- 4-9mm varifocal lense--- ir distance 40m-- 36 ir leds.

My neighbor has pointed an ir beam to one of my cameras disabling same (my cameras aren't pointed at his property).
The video image I get from this camera is a white snowy image during the night, just after daybreak when camera switches from b&w to colour I can see ghostly image of neighbors ir beam pointing at my camera.
Camera was tested during the day & night to make sure was OK before installation also was used previously in another location, worked fine day & night..
Is there anything I can do to restore my camera's night vision?
Fitting of UV filters?
Would these be able to filter the ir beams to restore the night vision of camera?
If so can these filters be fitted to this camera?
Any information would be highly appreciated...


Here is a answer from our guest expert Erron Spalsbury.

"You would need a piece of BK7 glass to filter all of the IR light. It would work but the downside would be that the camera no longer will at night since it has it's own built in IR illuminator."

I will have to defer to Erron on this one. BK7 glass will filter all IR light but you do loose the night vision capability.

Sorry for a annoying neighbor.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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