Can you accidentally record over video security dvr recordings

by sandra cooper
(houston, tx )


I wanted to know if it's possible to alter or record over continuous dvr recordings..without knowing you have done it??


This is actually a very good question.

As part of your initial setup of your video security system you are going to decide what amount of time in terms of number of days you want to set your DVR to record on.

For example a lot of people would like to have the last 30 days worth of recordings available.

The amount of time you can record is dependent on the size of the hard drive, the quality of the video being recorded, the number of cameras, etc.

Most security DVRs will be setup as first in/first out for how the data is stored. That means that if you set your DVR for 30 days of recording when it hits day 31 of recording it will overwrite the first days recording.

there are some variables to this in that it could potentially record 35 days or more and you can set the DVR so it records until the drive is full and have it start over again.

Some say this is having the data eat its tail. Meaning it will overwrite the oldest data with the newest data.

Hope that helps.

Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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