Broadband is a term used to define both broadcast signals and also digital data signals. In broadcast terms it can be a high bandwidth signal that is capable of carrying many channels of information simultaneously. Coaxial and fiber-optic cables are popular types of physical transmission paths for these signals.

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It is also described as a permanent high-speed network connection with data speeds in excess of 128 kilobits per second (Kbps). There are many different ways that this connection can be delivered. Common connections are DSL (digital subscriber line) or T1 connections both from a local telephone company typically over copper wire. These network connections can also be delivered over cable TV lines along with television signals, 802.11 wireless systems or over fiber optic cables.

Connections to the internet and to networks become important when considering CCTV Security Camera Systems. Even analog DVRs today are able to be put onto a network to allow access from anywhere in the world. Being able to connect video security systems over large campuses or even just your connection to your home system will require some type of network connection to get the job done.

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